Monday, November 02, 2015

All Souls

l' qe i st'mčʔelt u qe čxʷuymntm łuʔ sntmtmneytn xʷl hecyaʕ snxpew's sxlxalt, u qe wičntm łuʔ qʷamqʷmt čʔul'sey'utyeʔ u hec c'ek'ʷmi łu l' skʷkʷʔec. 

My daughter and I visited the cemetery for All Souls Day, and we saw the beautiful candles shining in the night. 

Mi hija y yo visitamos el cementerio para el Día de Todas las Almas, y vimos las bella candelas que brillaban en la noche. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Kalispel's River at Sunrise

axla hec k'ʷul'stn l' qlispeʔ st'ulixʷs, u lše u hec q'iʔstes łuʔ q'iʔq'iʔmin l' nqlispelišcn xʷl sccmelt. kʷtunt in xmenč łu i sck'ʷul'. nkʷtnaqsm łuʔ qe sck'ʷul'. yec yoʔnunm łuʔ hiqs xstwilšm łuʔ in nqʷlqʷeltn u lšey' m xest xʷl qe sxʷsixʷlt. 

in xmenč łu qlispeʔ st'ulixʷs. qʷamqʷmt. 


Every day I go to Kalispel country, and there I am writing books in the Kalispel language for children. I love my work. Our work is important. I am learning to improve my language so it will be good for our children. 

I love the Kalispel country. It is beautiful. 


Cada día, voy al país Kalispel, y allí estoy escribiendo libros en el idioma Kalispel para niños. Amo mi trabajo. Es importante nuestro trabajo. Estoy aprendiendo a mejorar mi idioma y así será mejor para nuestros hijos. 

Amo el país Kalispel. Es hermoso. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Role of Judah

Dakota is performing the role of Judah in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Four Seasons Theater in Logan, Utah. His role performs a comical solo "Benjamin Calypso." 

Recently, the Utah Theater Bloggers Association reviewed the play and mentioned Dakota by name. Peter Harrison wrote: "Dakota Moses (who played Judah) was another vocal standout. His bright cheery performance of 'Benjamin Calypso' was an excellent segue from the more serious prior song, 'Who's the thief?' Moses also took some minor risks with the music with his over-the-top energy and vocal pep and flair, which made the song really memorable."

The full article is posted here

Joseph is one of my all time favorite plays. I am just sad that Dakota is performing so many hundreds of miles away. 

Ty and Dakota

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Visitor

My friend Tim and I were having breakfast at his home when a black bear arrived on the lawn. The bear passed through the children's toys and walked right up to the window. A moment later, it walked up to the front porch, where only a screen door separated us from one another. The bear heard us and ran away. It circled around the house and then ran down the driveway. 

A little while later, Tim got some plaster casts of the bear prints in the sand. It was a little eerie to stand so close to a bear, but I count it as one of the more amazing experiences of my life. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fire on Rutter Parkway

As I was riding the bus home from the Kalispel Reservation, I saw a plume of smoke rising into the sky. Some of my fellow riders had already checked their Facebook accounts and learned that a fire was burning near Rutter Parkway. I got this picture near Whitworth University. 

Read the news about this fire HERE


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