Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ice and Fog

Ice and fog near Newport, Washington this afternoon. 

The Magi

These three magi figures were standing in a Mexican restaurant in Newport, Washington. Artistically, I thought they were quite beautiful. Culturally, these statues made me wonder about the magi of the Bible. The word magi comes from the Greek magos, meaning magician. By definition, the magi would have practiced some form of magical arts from the ancient world. According to one source, this term referred to certain followers of Zoroastrianism of ancient Persia. This word could also refer to people who possessed astrological or esoteric knowledge. Yet strangely, English translations of the Bible almost always change the original word to read as 'wise men.' 

Personally, I prefer the original version. They were not simply 'wise men,' but scholars of magical wisdom from another age. 

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Blast from the Past

This old picture reminded me of the sweet-faced boy who is my son. Dakota has been a blessing in my life since before he was born, and he has always guided my spirit toward true north. Missing you today. 

Colors of the Spirit

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Earlier this week, we took a student group to the planetarium on the campus of Spokane Falls Community College. We got to see a visual presentation of the night sky, along with a short film about the solar system. It was a very enjoyable experience for our students. 

The interior of the planetarium had a strange, blue glow. 

The instructor...

Stained glass window in the planetarium entrance. 

The reflective surface of the planetarium roof. 

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Salish Dolls

Annette made some beautiful "Salish dolls" that she sold today at Northern Quest. Rhonda and I went out to see them and happened to see Shelly buying one of the dolls. 

Annette prepared some information about the dolls: 

These dolls' dresses are made of brain-tanned, smoked buckskin. They are embellished with parfleches, cedar baskets, and woven baskets. The plants, rocks, moss, and wood are all native to the Spokane Indian Reservation. The Salish women of the Great Northwest of the United States are hardworking, loyal, loving, care-giving, strong spirited, and compassionate to all people, animals, and Mother Earth.

Annette is an inspiration to me. 

Each doll is hand-made and unique.
They each have been given a name.  

Annette and Shelly. 

The details of each doll are intricate and beautiful. 

Beautiful Tree

We were only supposed to get a small tree this year, but we ended up with something a little bigger than usual. I have to say that the tree is one of my favorite holiday traditions. 

Choosing a Tree

We went to the Christmas tree lot near our house, and Whitney announced with all the sweetness of a fifteen year old daughter, "Daddy, it's your turn to pick the tree this year." 

"Okay," I said, "That sounds good to me," so then I inspected all the different trees and carefully weighed my options. I decided to bypass the grand fir. They have that rich, Christmas tree smell, but they tend to dry out faster. The nordman fir tends to stay green longer, but the girls don't like the needles because they look "weird." 

While I was still searching for the perfect tree, Whitney revised her announcement and said, "Uh dad, I like this one." 

"But I thought you said it was my turn to pick the tree," I said. 

"But I like this one," she said. Apparently that settled the issue. Who's tree do you think we bought? I think everyone knows the answer: Whitney's tree is now standing in our living room, the lights shining softly in all different colors. I love that tree and I love this memory of my daughters. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Another old picture from the family collection: 
Sam Moses, Messie Haines, Bessie Andrew, and Pat Moses. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Thanksgiving is a season for family and loving memories. Just this evening, I found an old photograph of my yayas and me. I was probably four or five years old at the time. My yaya Bessie was holding me on her lap, and my yaya Messie was holding my hand.  

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Creator and the Whale

In my dream, I saw an old Indian man standing on the belly of a whale. Specifically, he stood at the end of the ventral grooves on the underside of the belly, and I stood at the opposite end near the mouth. Despite the strange position of its body, the whale was very much alive. The old man stooped down, touched the belly of the whale, and caused some invisible energy to flow within one of the ventral grooves. Then he sent several more currents, and each one forced me to change my footing.

Finally, I complained and said, “Just when I get accustomed to one flow of energy, you send me another. Is it too much to ask for some stability in my life?”

The old man said, “Who made the mountains rise from the ocean floor and fall beneath a hundred million years of wind and rain? Who caused the earth to spin on its axis and give both light and darkness to the people? Who designed the flowers to spring from the ground and then wilt beneath the summer’s heat? Who created the seasons of life and death, youth and old age? Who established all things from the beginning to the end? Did not I?”

The old man dressed poorly, with a tattered blanket wrapped around his shoulders and feathers in his hair, but he spoke with unmistakable power. He said, “I am the Creator, and you are part of my creation. It is true that you will witness many changes in your life, but do not be afraid. Did I not promise to be with you always and to send you comfort? Be courageous! You are stronger than you know.”

Forgotten Carols

The Forgotten Carols by LDS songwriter Michael McLean came to the INB Performing Arts Center in Spokane. Rhonda and I went to see the show, and afterwards, she got the opportunity to meet Michael McLean. We have admired his work for more than 25 years, so it was awesome to see the show in person. 

Moses Road

The setting sun as seen from Moses Road on Sunday afternoon. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014


During my visit to the Kalispel Reservation yesterday, I had the good fortune to interview tribal elder Stan Bluff. He spoke about the cultural values that have guided his life from his childhood to the present day. What an honor to sit in his presence and learn from his experiences!


Yesterday morning, I drove to the Kalispel Indian Reservation. As I passed Davis Lake, it looked as though a cloud had collapsed over the mountainside. The clouds created a beautiful, haunting effect, like a smoky haze amid the trees. 


Our tickets for Savior of the World arrived today in the mail. Our family is excited to see Dakota perform this Christmas Eve in Salt Lake City. It will be a beautiful holiday! 


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