Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wild Food

My friend Matthew completed a rather unusual and creative project by eating only wild foods for an entire month. The challenge initially began as a way to save money on store bought food, but it expanded into a school project. He described some of his experiences on a personal blog:

A small group of supporters gathered to celebrate the conclusion of his wild food challenge. For my part, I personally support his project because of my interest in native foods and because I wish to encourage people to become more aware of their natural environment. The more we learn about the living things growing on our lands, the more we feel inclined to protect those lands.

Our menu for the evening included wild turkey, boiled amaranth seeds, venison soup cooked with home grown carrots and beets, and a cobbler made with huckleberries and apples from an abandoned, 'wild' tree, topped with a crust made from cattail flour and ground curly dock.


After several years of homeschooling, Dakota has returned to the mainstream high school. So far things seem to be going well for him. Participating in the choir has made the transition a little easier.


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