Saturday, November 28, 2009

Schoolhouse Rock

In all my manic preparations for the Peru trip, I neglected to mark an important chapter in the lives of my children. My daughters performed in Christian Youth Theater's production of Schoolhouse Rock.

Schoolhouse Rock is a classic piece of Generation X. Many of us grew up in front of the television, and in the days before 24/7 cartoon networks, Saturday mornings provided the only reliable outlet for cartoon entertainment. If not for Schoolhouse Rock, how else would we have learned the Preamble of the Constitution or the proper function of an adverb?

Through the CYT musical production, now my children get to experience a cherished part of my childhood.

Dakota performed as a member of the stage crew.

"I'm just a bill..."

McKenna performed as the Sun in the song "Inter-planet Janet."

Whitney performed as the Earth in the song "Inter-planet Janet."

"My Hero Zero..."

Friday, November 27, 2009

Extreme Peru: Part Fifteen

El Centro Histórico

This is my favorite picture of the Peru trip. Sheli and I visited the Plaza Mayor in the historic center of Lima. As we approached the cathedral, a young newly married couple passed by. I stopped them and asked, "Will you permit me a photograph?" They kindly agreed and posed for this picture. It was perfect.

The rest of these pictures are from the Plaza Mayor.

The facade of the church.

Local people enjoying the afternoon.

The Government Palace.

The streets near Plaza Mayor.

Sheli taking pictures at Plaza Mayor.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Extreme Peru: Part Fourteen

On the last day, we also had the opportunity to visit an artist market. We found all kinds of great deals, including gold and silver. We also got to practice our bargaining skills.

We passed this church as we looked for the market.

Extreme Peru: Part Thirteen

On our last day of travel, we had the opportunity to visit El Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología, e Historia del Perú (The National Museum of the Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Peru), located in Plaza Bolívar. The museum is housed inside the former residence of the Viceroy of Spain. In this picture, Sheli is standing next to an ancient stone carving.

A woman watering flowers in Plaza Bolívar.

A carved tree trunk in Plaza Bolívar.

Another carved tree trunk in Plaza Bolívar.

Plaza Bolívar.

Inside the Viceroy's residence.

Ancient Peruvian pottery.

The founding of Lima.

The Viceroys of Spain.

The Incan Kings.

Extreme Peru: Part Twelve

Avenida Sucre

The Church of the Nazarene in Lima is located on Avenida Sucre. Between sessions, I had the opportunity to snap a few random shots of the street. In the photo above, my friend Sheli is marching off to lunch. ;)

Extreme Peru: Part Eleven

Extreme Continues

We left Puerto Maldonado and flew back to Lima. After many delays, we arrived at the local Church of the Nazarene at about sunset.

Just as we did in Puerto Maldonado, we facilitated a workshop with another group of 40/40 missionaries. This session was also a powerful experience.

Puerto Maldonado

During my stay at Puerto Maldonado, I had the chance to ride a motorcycle. Those things scare me to death, but I just had to face the fear and go for a ride around town. Besides, it only cost one Sol to go just about anywhere. It's hard to really visualize the dynamics of that place, so I posted this video.

Extreme Peru: Part Ten

On my last morning in Puerto Maldonado, I got up early to see some of the town. I hailed a motorcycle, paid one Sol (about 30 cents), and rode down to Plaza de Armas, the main square.

The Catholic Church...

The Plaza de Armas had all kinds of public service announcements hand painted onto little signs. The taller of these announcements says, "Don't step on me. I also have life." The second one says, "Practice your good actions through your example."

The Madre de Dios River...

Ferrying cars across the river...

Madre de Dios means Mother of God, which is the namesake of the river and the region.


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