Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Drumheller Website

My friend Carole Parks has created a new website for Drumheller Springs, in part because of a master's degree program in zoology that she is pursuing at Miami University. Her work has inspired me to return to Drumheller and contribute to her site; however, I really didn't nee much of a push. I love that place.  

Lomatium macrocarpum. 

Wild onion.

Wild carrot. 



Thursday, April 25, 2013

When We Grow Up

Dakota performed an original song When We Grow Up at the Mead HS Talent Show, accompanied by Zach Merkling on the cajon. Dakota composed the song himself and performed the vocals. 

Lincoln Park

Yesterday afternoon in Lincoln Park, 
the sunflowers emerged in full bloom. 
The park is like an oasis of natural beauty 
in the midst of urban Spokane. 

A pond in the center of the park is a literal oasis.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Van Gogh Sans Merlot

Ulysses Mireles from Van Gogh and Merlot visited the IEL as part of a multicultural presentation. 

Some time ago, I wrote a mini-grant that was designed to promote multicultural awareness at the IEL. The idea was to present a variety of visual artists from different cultures and then allow the students to make their own painting. The grant was funded and Ulysses was invited to be the main presenter. Ulysses runs Van Gogh and Merlot, which I have described before. However, since the school forbids alcohol on the premises, we renamed the event Van Gogh Sans Merlot. 

The event was well received by the students. It created a sense of community and school spirit. Some of the students had never taken an art class before, so this was a unique opportunity for them. 

Note: All the of the students signed a release that allows the publication of their photographs. 

At the end, students displayed their work. 


Made a small trip to Flagstaff last weekend 
to help my cousin build a lodge. This is a picture of the fire
contrasted against the night sky and a small oak grove.

Small side trip to Sedona. 
We bypassed the tourist shops,
but stopped to appreciate 
the amazing landscape. 

Cactus and flowers... 

The sun shines through the branches of a juniper tree.

Red rock...

Cottonwood seeds....

The cottonwood looks like snow amid the flowers. 


About a week ago, a small group of us went root digging at one of our favorite spots near Wilbur. During the dig, I almost stepped on a bird nest built directly in the ground. The little chicks must have perceived my movement, because every time I got close, they opened their mouths. 

It was a super awesome, beautiful day. Many thanks to my cousin Velma for inviting me. 

This is a picture of the bird's mother. 
I believe this is a meadow lark. 

An abandoned school near the digging grounds.  

The Obligatory Barry...

My cousin Velma and her friend Kat. 

Great friends...

This is Velma's picture of the baby birds. 
She got two of the birds with their mouths open. 
So cute....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hip Hop

Whitney's hip-hop...

Seattle Center

I'm way behind on my blog, but here are a few more pictures from our recent Seattle trip. We took the Monorail to Seattle Center. On the way, we passed these trees painted blue. 

The Space Needle. 

We went to the Pacific Science Center, but I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed. It just didn't seem as good as when I was a kid. Of course, I'm not sure if my memory is distorted or if it really did get worse. 

The butterfly house was the one cool part of the Science Center.

And maybe the dinosaurs...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pike Place

Pike Place Market is a familiar site for our familiar, but I never get tired of the sights, colors, sounds, and smells. It is a place that I love to visit again and again, even if I never buy anything. 

A poster on the wall of the market reads: 

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
Willing is not enough, we must do." 
~Bruce Lee


Fresh fish...


A vegetable vendor stopped
and asked, "Can I help you?" 

I said, "No, I am just taking a picture
 of your vegetables."

He responded, "You would be surprised
how many people do that."

Dakota took us to the "Gum Wall" in Post Alley.
It was kind of strange, but fun.  

Thousands of tourists have stopped to put gum on the wall. 

A family portrait against the Gum Wall. 
A little strange, I know. 

Dakota in the alley. 


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