Monday, May 27, 2013


Yesterday afternoon, I attended my aunt's birthday party, but I was so busy singing, eating, and visiting, that I didn't get any pictures. This is unusual for me, well, not the eating and visiting part, but rather the part about not getting any pictures. Sadly, I didn't even think of it. 

But after I left, I went out by myself to dig some bitterroots. Admittedly, it's a little late for that, because later in the season, bitterroots are harder to peel.  

At the same time, saw some flowers I didn't know. 
Can anyone identify these plants? 

Jennifer, this photograph shows the orange 
'heart' at the center of the bitterroot. 

As I left, the elk stopped to watch. 


A road sign in Salish: 
"qeqs čštim čyaʔtin."
"Let's take care of _____."

The last word is unclear to me. 
Seems like it refers to something scarce,
perhaps like scarce resources,
or something protected, 
which would be appropriate 
for an 'Adopt A Roadway' sign. 

Robert, do you know the exact translation? 

Jennifer, these are the peeled bitterroots.


Saturday, May 25, 2013


Photographs from CYT Spokane's Aladdin. 

Kinda strange, we had two genies. 

Jafar was delightfully evil. 

Dakota was a narrator.

Jacob as one of the genies. 

Friday, May 24, 2013


Bitterroot flowers are still blooming. 

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are blooming at Drumheller Springs, probably the remnant of someone's garden. At one time, there were more houses, so these roses are probably left over. 

Poison Flowers

Tim, I'm still waiting for a higher number.
Went back to photograph the flowers. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cedar Baskets

Our basket-making class reconvened for the second weekend, but I was unable to attend the first day. Unfortunately, my alternator gave up the ghost, and I was stuck at home until I could get my car to the mechanic. I was able to borrow a car for the second day and at least get my basket started. 

Some pictures from the second day. 

This was as far as I got on my basket. I'm very disappointed that I had all the car troubles and missed the first day, but I'm still thankful for what I got to experience. I suppose the incomplete basket is simply an invitation to re-enter the process at some future date. 

Got to see some cool things in nature on my drive, 
like this family of geese. 

...and this little blue bird. 
Does anyone know the name of this species? 

...and the clouds descending over the mountain. 

...rain clouds over the Columbia River. 

...and the sun.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rhonda's Graduation

Rhonda graduated with honors from Whitworth University with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Social Services.  This is a proud day for our family. We celebrated Dakota's 18th birthday yesterday, and we celebrated Rhonda's achievement today. 

Waiting for commencement to begin. 

President of Whitworth.

Commencement speaker, Rep. Kevin Parker.

Rhonda holding her diploma. 

A sense of personal and national pride 
was displayed by this graduate. 

Rhonda graduated with CYT friend Judy Castillo. 

Rhonda and her brother Paul. 

Rhonda and her girls. 

Rhonda and her mom. 

...and with her husband.

...and her son.


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