Saturday, December 02, 2006

Oh, Christmas Tree...

My sister and I took the kids for a drive in the woods to cut down our own Christmas trees. The ones we find in nature never look quite as pretty or full, but when it comes to saving $50 or more, I think it's well worth the trouble. Actually, we had a great time trekking through the snow to find the "perfect" one. For one brief moment, the sun broke through the clouds and created this amazing view. Some moments really are perfect.

We stopped for a few minutes at my uncle Pat's house and Tony drove up on his snowmobile. He offered to let me drive, so I spent the next hour or so giving the kids a turn to ride. I'm usually quite reserved when it comes to danger and speed, but by the end, I found myself going quite fast. The kids loved it, so I'm sure we'll go again.

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