Sunday, July 13, 2008


Such beautiful girls...

I'm sad to say, my blog is hopelessly outdated and out-of-sequence. So many blog-worthy things happen these days; I just can't keep up. I still haven't posted the rest of my trip to Washington DC. Not that I'm complaining; I mean, life is pretty good, and with the blessings, my blog-time dimishes.

But it's a lazy Sunday morning, and I find myself with a few moments to review some of the better moments.

A few weeks ago, my daughters participated in a dance recital at the old Spokane Opera House. They performed with dancers of all ages before an audience of several hundred people. This year, they did a hip-hop number, which is somewhat a departure from their previous interests.

I must say, I was very proud to see them on stage. Whitney is becoming quite athletic, with cartwheels and all. And McKenna was so confident. The first year they danced, McKenna looked timid and uncertain, but this year she smiled and strutted around the stage like a pro.

They are growing into young ladies, and I couldn't be happier.

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