Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

All three of my children are participating in Christian Youth Theater's production of the Wizard of Oz. Dakota has two roles: Uncle Henry of Kansas and the Ozian Guard at the gates to the Emerald City. My daughters are playing the parts of munchkins.

As a father, I take great pride in watching my children grow as actors, and most importantly as human beings. Christian Youth Theater has been a godsend to our home. Their confidence has grown as actors, singers, and public speakers. They have also formed many positive connections with their peers and the wider CYT community.

This is Dakota's first speaking role in a play. In this scene, he reads an order from the sheriff allowing Miss Gulch to take Dorothy's dog Toto.

After Dorothy lands her house in the land of Oz, Uncle Henry is transformed into the Ozian Guard at the gates to the Emerald City.

The Ozian Guard greets Dorothy and her companions at the gate.

After opening the gates, the Ozian Guard welcomes Dorothy into the city. In this scene, Dakota gets to sing his big solo.

The Ozian Guard brings Dorothy into the Emerald City.

My daughters make very lovely munchkins.

McKenna plays one of the munchkins. She also has a few brief speaking parts.

Whitney is also one of the munchkins.

As one of the lead characters, Dakota got to write a brief biography for the printed program.


Anonymous said...

I loved this film the first time it came out am not sure i want to see the new one tho lol

Jennifer said...

He makes a wonderful Wizard. I just love that photo. All that green, and that hat and the brows. You must be so proud.


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