Sunday, April 18, 2010


Only a few of us gathered roots this year. Those who stayed home must have had other things to do, or maybe they went out another day. I don't really know. But those who did gather made me happy. Their presence sheltered me from the loneliness seeping into edges of my mind.

For maybe an hour or more, I wandered the prairie alone with only the company of a song bird singing an odd melody, a horned lizard watching from a nearby stone, the sage brush bending in the wind, and of course the root people looking into my heart. For a maybe an hour, I lost myself in the timelessness of tradition and spirit and earth; the sky opened and my sadness lifted.

When the snow falls again and it comes time to set my table, the roots will remember how they lifted my heart. Maybe then they'll lift all of us again.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Yes it will be hard this year. My oldest is wnting to head to the digging feilds but where we go is not ready and might not be till august. He wants to get a jump start. Will have to show him first roots if he settles down. lol He is so full of life and trying to be everywhere at the same time, lol love yah much Barry, auntie-j from idaho lol

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Love you too, Auntie. I'm having a hard time, but these simple things make life bearable.


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