Sunday, September 12, 2010


Whitney got a free ticket to Silverwood for completing a special reading program at school. I don't remember the specifics, but she had to read so many minutes per day and keep a log that was signed by either parent. Dakota and McKenna had the opportunity to earn a ticket as well, but they did not complete the program. Summer came to an end, and Whitney was the only one of our children to go. Dakota was a little jealous of his sister, but there's something to be said for natural consequences.

We gave Whitney the opportunity to choose one parent to go with her, and she chose me. In this picture, we're riding to the top of the Timber Terror roller coaster. We have not yet made the first plunge, but Whitney looks on with trepidation and clutches my arm.

We had lunch in the main restaurant and got this picture of ourselves in a giant mirror.

Whitney modeled the consequence of standing up on the Tremors roller coaster.

The Aftershock is a new "high intensity" attraction that drops straight down and then twists all around. I begged Whitney to ride with me, but she refused. It was actually kind of cute how she said it. "I'm not ready for that ride," she said, "Next year, I promise."

Whitney riding the Log Flume.

Whitney holding the sun.

Waiting in line.

What a fun day. It was a memorable experience for both of us.

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Vivienne said...

that ride looks very scary! your kids must be quite tough to go on it, i'd be running from it screaming! (but i'm a scaredy cat!)


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