Sunday, January 27, 2013


A few nights ago, I paid another visit to Cain and Todd's mural at Greenstone Homes. Obviously, I wanted to see how the project has progressed since my last visit. I was not disappointed. Previously, the faces were mostly sketched into rough blocks, but now they have a sense of depth and personality. Likewise, the city skyline continues to emerge.  Parts of the mural are almost ready for a layer of color.

The mural is beginning to generate some excitement. During our visit, an employee from Central Food joined the conversation and said that she and her fellow workers have taken an interest in this piece. "We are all excited to see the finished work," she said. Also, my previous blog post generated more traffic than usual.

More importantly, we continued our conversation around the importance of community. Todd mentioned that their family moved a lot when he and Cain were children and so they never spent more than a few years in any one place. On the other hand, he observed that my family has lived in Spokane for generations, since before written history. He said, "Maybe this mural pays tribute to that sense of belonging."

I'm sure to visit again as the mural gets close to completion. 

Compare the picture above with the one below.
This will give you a sense of the progress. 

To be continued....

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