Saturday, February 10, 2007

Healing the Ancestors

My grandmother Minnie Moses.

My great grandfather Wilson Moses, my grandfather Gibson Eli, and my great uncle Willie Moses.

After invoking the memory of my ancestors during the workshop this afternoon, Julia Seyler handed me a book filled with old newspaper clippings. The very first page contained these photographs of my elders, long since departed. It happened so quickly after an intense spiritual experience only moments before; I felt utterly speechless. Tears filled my eyes, especially when I looked into my grandmother's sweet face.

Many people remember my grandmother as a bitter mean old woman, but this photograph reveals her true identity. The theme of the workshop revolved around healing and seeing the truth in other people and ourselves. How appropriate to see her face as a young girl, before the burdens of life set in. No matter how much we become covered by outward pain, I believe the light never leaves our heart. This day has been a deep lesson in this great truth.


Chelle said...

That could be a picture of Kim when she was younger. What a resembelence!!

sulustu said...

Yeah...Kim looks so much like our dad's mom. In fact, some people in our family refer to Kim as "Little Minnie," because of the strong resemblance.


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