Tuesday, January 01, 2008


We had sort of a staggered New Year's Even party this evening; staggered because one couple stayed a while with us, then went home. Just as they left, the second couple arrived, and likewise, the third. It was like tag team or something. We played a different game with each couple and really enjoyed our evening. Just after midnight, Rhonda and I posed for this picture to welcome the New Year. Happy 2008 to everyone!!!


Chelle said...

Your blog is getting as boring as mine. Not really, but I want a new post. Mine has to be grand or I would have posted a couple things already.

T.R. said...

Don't kill me, don't hate me. I recently got tagged for the 7 Random Things Blog and now I am tagging you. The rules are posted on my 7 Random post.


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