Sunday, January 13, 2008


If we go to the mall, Whitney likes to park on the uppermost level.

Atop a mountain of snow...

The other day, Rhonda said my little Whit was crying because she "misses her daddy." It's true, my work has taken me away longer than I would have liked. I'm only sorry my children have to suffer absence of their father. As things turned out, I had an extra day this Friday, and decided to continue our tradition of daddy-daughter dates. We didn't have a lot of money to spend, but we laughed a lot, so that was much more meaningful.

Some time along the way, we got to talking about all her nicknames. Of course, her mother is the queen of nicknames, so all our children received more than their fair share. We took an inventory, and these were the ones we could remember: Whit, Whitney Liz, Witter Bug, Whitney Bug, Tiny, Lady, Lady Bug, Bug, Lizzie, Lizzie Liza Jane, Liz, Lizard... I'm sure we'll think of more.

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