Saturday, October 25, 2008


My closest family and friends know I have a fair number of strong opinions regarding faith and politics, two very sensitive topics. However, I have worked hard to stay clear of controversial discussions on my blog. I would much rather build upon the similarities between people, rather than the differences.

Even so, I respectfully submit my personal endorsement of Obama for president.

I honor the personal beliefs of friends and family on all sides of the issues, and having examined my own conscience, I feel compelled to support Senator Obama. Colin Powell's recent endorsement reflects my feeling when he said, "...I come to the conclusion that because of his ability to inspire, because of the inclusive nature of his campaign, because he is reaching out all across America, because of who he is and his rhetorical abilities... as well as his substance. He has both style and substance. He has met the standard of being a successful president, being an exceptional president.

"...he is a transformational figure. He is a new generation coming into the world — onto the world stage, onto the American stage, and for that reason, I’ll be voting for Senator Barack Obama."

This week, I cast my mail-in ballot with confidence, hope, and pride for Obama.

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