Friday, February 20, 2009


To all my family and friends, I have no photographs or thoughtful commentary. I only offer my heart, raw and vulnerable, with all its mix of light and dark. I'll spare myself the ordeal of confessing the details, but let me simply say that life is a perfect teacher, offering lessons in their proper season with unflinching clarity. We may hide our face from the unflattering reflection of our own creations, but the spirit of life always presents the truth with an even hand.

Let me also say, if I ever hurt or offended anyone, please tell me so that I may ask your forgiveness. I would much rather bear the wound of your truth than suffer the loss of our friendship.


Anonymous said...

that is powerful in itself you know. A step beyond that is to forgive yourself in all actions and have no doubt...what you see, do and say are are sometimes meant for your own vulnerbility/ abilities and understandin. You see neph. The work is just now giving a glimpse? Love and unconditional love and faith are medicine for the soul or food for the spirit and yet giving thanks today for another day to the creator is very powerful. Hope this is the message your looking for? We will return soon. Still sorting and pausing. lol
light and spirit auntie j love

jenx67 said...

i've known so few people in my life who have sought forgiveness when they've hurt someone. we are so unprepared to deal with someone seeking forgiveness. we are more equipped to deal with the infractions, the hurt for decades on end. blessings on you and yours as you navigate these waters.

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

To Anonymous, (Auntie J), thanks for your wisdom and guidance always.

To JenX, forgiveness is the ONLY way to healing.


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