Saturday, February 07, 2009


Well, I said I might surprise myself.

The CYT Valentine's dance interrupted my preparation for the winter dance. Any thoughts of spirituality, ancient traditions, or contemplation temporarily faded into the background as the sounds of swing filled my ears and moved my feet.

CYT creates a positive and safe environment for children of all ages. Mothers danced with sons, and fathers with daughters. Sweethearts and friends all mingled on the floor without the pressure to impress others or the fear of rejection. As my children danced and laughed with such freedom, I found myself giving thanks once again for the blessing of this organization in their lives.

Music was provided by a live band called Six Foot Swing. The lead singer has a voice with that smooth, jazzy sound right out of the 1930s. She also has the looks to match the part.

Six Foot Swing sent me back in time, but not in the way I expected when I blogged yesterday. I found myself moving to the beat and tapping my foot, even when I didn't have a dance partner.

We all had a wonderful time. Click HERE to see a video of our dance experience. Here's a link to Six Foot Swing. And another.


jenx67 said...

how fun! Your girls are so cute. i kept meaning to come back and post a comment about your mysterious journey, but got sidetracked. i'll go read it again now.

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Thanks Jen. I must agree: my girls are darling. Of course, I've seen your pictures, and your family is equally gorgeous. Much love...


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