Saturday, December 26, 2009

Twilight Zone

When we arrived in San Carlos, Mexico, we were excited to see the warm, sunny skies and the beautiful ocean shores.

However, when we arrived at the condominium, our mood quickly changed. Rhonda recognized the condo from the website, but the place was completely desolate, without a soul in sight. These photographs can hardly convey the lonely, eerie feeling that prevailed all around us. Every apartment was exactly the same as the next, and each one empty and barren. The walls echoed with the sounds of our voices. The office was empty and abandoned, with no one to receive us or check us into our room. We felt as though we had landed in the middle of the Twilight Zone.

Finally, I found a repairman in the very last condo. He told me to go to the office in the adjacent hotel.

In the hotel, they gave us a key to our condo, but our mood only worsened. The place had been affected by the recent hurricane; the wooden doors were obviously warped by water damage and did not shut properly. Some of the doors didn't even lock. With no neighbors or locking doors, we felt very vulnerable sleeping in that place. We returned to the hotel, and requested a more secure room.

In the end, we got a hotel room instead of a condo. It was much smaller, but felt infinitely safer.

The pool was also damaged by the hurricane and completely empty.

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