Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nature Walks

During the last couples retreat, Rhonda and I made a commitment to spend time in nature as a couple at least once per week. We decided that our walks together strengthen our relationship and help to clear our minds from the daily clutter. This morning we took our first walk together since the retreat. The fall weather was absolutely beautiful, and as expected, we both felt a sense of connectiona nd rewal.

The sun shone brightly through the trees.

We took this picture while standing on a foot bridge over the Little Spokane River.

A bald eagle perched in a tree overlooking the river.

We explored many different trails near the river.

We also discovered the foundations of a ruined house overgrown with trees. Bottles and rusted cans littered the floor of the old house, including these cans of Olympia Beer. I decided to investigate the age of the cans. The Olympia website says that the company introduced aluminum cans in 1971. Since these cans are heavily rusted, and since aluminum doesn't rust, I concluded that they must be at least 39 years old.

Our new dog Roxie walked with us by the river.

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