Sunday, November 21, 2010

The River

My friend and I explored a few trails near the Spokane River.

A short distance above the Bowl & Pitcher, the water forms a cool, reflective surface before tumbling into the rapids downstream. The last rays of the afternoon sun warm the trees before tumbling into night.

A woodpecker bobbed its head back and forth from behind a tree like a cuckoo clock, while keeping a constant watch on the humans nearby. As we continued down the trail, the bird slowly adjusted its position and maintained a cautious distance on the far side of the tree.

From the markings on the head, I suspect this person is a downy woodpecker.

We hiked along the western shore of the river, following the shadows, and observing the late sunrays on the opposite shore.

An old tree, gnarled with age and exposure to the elements...

We left the trails at half past three, but already the day seemed to fade.

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