Sunday, February 26, 2012


A while back, a friend told me that he appreciates my blog posts regarding the Spokane Language and local history, but he said that he misses seeing my photography. Things have been pretty busy, but I do have a few pictures from a few weeks ago that may suffice.

Near the end of January, we experienced a storm that left Stevens County covered in a solid sheet of ice, (I was visiting friends in that part of the world). In fact, the highway was so slick that I spun out and drove into a ditch, and I was only driving five miles per hour! A drive that normally took an hour, lasted more than five.

In the photograph above, the sunset leaves a shimmering reflection over the ice.

A layer of ice formed over everything, including the windows of my car.

But once the clouds and fog cleared away, the sunset was magnificent.

As the sun slipped below the horizon, only a sliver of red light remained.

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