Saturday, December 08, 2012


My sister and I attended another Van Gogh and Merlot event at the Luxe. 

I have to say that I have really come to enjoy painting. Maybe I needed this extra bit of instructional support to get me over my fear of color. That probably sounds strange, but years ago, I discovered my fear when I took an advanced art course in high school called Senior Studio. I loved to make photo realistic pencil drawings, but I hated to experiment with color. I simply could not achieve the same degree of control with a paint brush as I could with a pencil.   

I would have been forever content to continue with my pencil drawings, but one day I showed up to class and the teacher grabbed my pencil from my hand and broke it in half. "You're done," she said as she handed me a paint brush. "I won't accept any more drawing from you." I resented her for doing that, but she taught me something I have never forgotten: We should always be willing to challenge ourselves. Try something new.

I'm not sure that serious artists would consider these works 'real' art. After all, the whole basis of the class is to copy someone else. Regardless, I just appreciate having someone to support my talents and rekindle my love of art. 

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love it! Percy


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