Monday, May 27, 2013


Yesterday afternoon, I attended my aunt's birthday party, but I was so busy singing, eating, and visiting, that I didn't get any pictures. This is unusual for me, well, not the eating and visiting part, but rather the part about not getting any pictures. Sadly, I didn't even think of it. 

But after I left, I went out by myself to dig some bitterroots. Admittedly, it's a little late for that, because later in the season, bitterroots are harder to peel.  

At the same time, saw some flowers I didn't know. 
Can anyone identify these plants? 

Jennifer, this photograph shows the orange 
'heart' at the center of the bitterroot. 

As I left, the elk stopped to watch. 


A road sign in Salish: 
"qeqs čštim čyaʔtin."
"Let's take care of _____."

The last word is unclear to me. 
Seems like it refers to something scarce,
perhaps like scarce resources,
or something protected, 
which would be appropriate 
for an 'Adopt A Roadway' sign. 

Robert, do you know the exact translation? 

Jennifer, these are the peeled bitterroots.


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