Thursday, May 09, 2013


The Hillyard Center stands amid an urban wasteland. The location is eventually slated for demolition to make way for an extension of the North-South Freeway; however, no one seems to know exactly when the change will happen. Meanwhile, all the neighboring businesses have disappeared - buildings, billboards, foundations -  everything is gone. Now the Hillyard Center is the lone remaining structure in the middle of a massive expanse of asphalt and broken cement.     

But even in the midst of decay, a row of pink-flowering trees remains at the front of our building. The petals are just beginning to wilt and fall like delicate pink confetti onto the ground. For one brilliant moment, the wasteland is alive with beauty. It reminds me of a movie line:

"More than anything God love admiration....
I think it pisses God off when you walk by 
the colour purple in a field and don't notice it....
Everything wanna be loved. Us sing and dance, 
and holla just wanting to be loved. 
Look at them trees. Notice how the trees 
do everything people do to get attention..." 

~Shug, from the Color Purple.

Pink flowers fell into the shrubbery... 

...and into the green grass...

...into the twisted roots of trees...

...and onto the pavement. 

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Carole said...

This is beautiful Barry.


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