Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spokane House

Spokane House was established in 1810 
as the first permanent white settlement in the region. 

A model of Spokane House. 

Tepee frames stand on the site
of the old Spokane House. 

In the 1870s, a barn was built a few 
hundred yards from Spokane House,
near the old trail between Spokane
Falls and Kettle Falls. 

The roof was repaired within the last few years. 

...but the sides are part of the original structure. 

A farm was built near the site in 1912 - named 
Singuamanish after a band of the Spokane Indians. 

Water was pumped from the Little Spokane River
for the purpose of irrigating the crops.

The concrete footings are still present.  

Locust trees were likely planted by the farm owners. 

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