Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spokane House

A few days ago, I posted my visit to Spokane House, and a friend commented about a birch bark canoe on display in the visitor's center. Unfortunately, I missed seeing it. I arrived just as the museum was closing and rushed through the exhibits without seeing everything. I wanted to see the canoe for myself, so I went back. 

As Rhonda and I walked along the river, we found wild onions growing on the shore. 

Wild onion...

Roots and all...

The namesake fish for that area is the snxʷmeneʔ, the steelhead.

...and here is the canoe, hanging from the ceiling. 
It really was quite impressive. 

The sign below read in English: 
"Textures of everyday life."

The Salish said:
"axlʔa (sqł) snk'ʷul'mn,"
however, I think the word is misspelled. 
If the word is meant to say 'everyday'
then it should read 'axlasq't' with a 't'.

The inside of the canoe was beautiful. 

Examples of fish that once thrived here. 

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