Saturday, December 06, 2014

Salish Dolls

Annette made some beautiful "Salish dolls" that she sold today at Northern Quest. Rhonda and I went out to see them and happened to see Shelly buying one of the dolls. 

Annette prepared some information about the dolls: 

These dolls' dresses are made of brain-tanned, smoked buckskin. They are embellished with parfleches, cedar baskets, and woven baskets. The plants, rocks, moss, and wood are all native to the Spokane Indian Reservation. The Salish women of the Great Northwest of the United States are hardworking, loyal, loving, care-giving, strong spirited, and compassionate to all people, animals, and Mother Earth.

Annette is an inspiration to me. 

Each doll is hand-made and unique.
They each have been given a name.  

Annette and Shelly. 

The details of each doll are intricate and beautiful. 

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wendy said...

Qwamqwmt! How can I order one?


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