Thursday, March 26, 2015

South Perry Pizza

When I woke up this morning, I had an unbearable craving for South Perry Pizza. More importantly, I couldn't stop thinking about my friend Erin. My wife treats me really well, so she drove me all the way to South Perry to fulfill my wish. 

Everybody wants me to stay home and sleep, but man, I get so damned bored sitting in my house all day every day. Boredom cannot be good for my healing. And besides, my physical therapist said that I really am supposed to get out and walk a couple times a day. 

My baby girl Whitney had pizza with me today. 

Here's my new look with short hair. I don't like the new hairstyle, 
but I am thankful to be alive. My hair will grow back. 

At South Perry Pizza, I was really hoping that I would see Erin by some chance, but it didn't work out. As we were leaving, I asked several of the waiters if they knew her. They all said no. Hmmmm. So then, I left a note for her on the bar and just asked them to give it to Erin when she came in. I had no idea if she would find her note or not, but I decided to just trust the universe to deliver the message to its proper destination. 

We saw these beautiful spring flowers outside the pizza place. I was just thinking, "I should take a picture of those flowers," when Whitney jumped out of the car and said, "I should take a picture of those flowers." Apparently, she learned something from me. 

When I got home, Erin re-posted my note on FB, so I guess the message found its recipient. Everything must have worked out. She said the note made her sniffle. :)

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