Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day

Love has a funny way of building us up, throwing us down, and then building us up again.

The night before Valentine's Day, I presented my wife with a bouquet of multi-colored roses. She was absolutely delighted, and rushed to put them in a vase. She confided that she had secretly hoped to receive roses that day.

In her excitement, she attempted to cut the stems with a fillet knife when the blade slipped and nearly sliced through her knuckle.

When I heard my kids hollering for me, I ran back to the kitchen to see my wife sitting on the floor and clenching her bleeding hand. She looked positively green, as though she might vomit at any moment. One look at the wound convinced me to take her to the hospital immediately.

We drove to the emergency room at Holy Family and managed to see a doctor right away. Rhonda hates knives and hates needles, but she got a little of both.

Strangely, we spent more time together in the ER than we would have spent at home. After the shock faded, we spent the rest of the evening laughing about her little mishap. Sometimes misfortune actually strengthens the bond of love between two people, especially when they find the humor in whatever situation life offers.

Even so, next year I'll give her chocolates. They're safer.

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