Monday, April 14, 2008

Ecuador Youth

To all my faithful readers, I apologize profusely for not publishing more often. As many of you know, I've been busily engaged with facilitating the Ecuador Youth Leadership Exchange, in cooperation with Community Minded Enterprises of Spokane, and Instituto Allpa de Ecuador. Nine youth and three adult leaders came to the United States, and are now being hosted by local families. I spend my days working with the youth and then I still go off to my regular job at night. Overall, the program has given me an amazing experience, but I'm very tired, and I have had very little time to update my blog. Perhaps when this is over, I will publish all my photographs and stories in retrospect. Until then, I hope to see you all soon.


Chelle said...

I have missed you. I look forward to hearing your stories and seeing your pictures.

T.R. said...

keep doing the good work, your blogfans will wait.


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