Saturday, March 29, 2008


When the students finally arrived, I felt almost as happy as the day my children were born. In fact, I was so excited to see them, I forgot to take pictures. Their faces were so happy and bright; no doubt they were looking forward to a wonderful experience here in the United States.

After joining the students to their respective host families, my family drove with Marcos to get a bite to eat, and then go home. Marcos will be staying with us during his visit to the US.

As we talked, I learned he had never seen snow before, so of course, we had to take a picture. I also learned he and I share many ideas and experiences about our indigenous spirituality and world view. I'm sure Tupye has caused our paths to cross for a very special reason. I'm excited to greet each new day of this exchange with openness and gratitude.


Chelle said...

Welcome Marcos, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Zach Hunt personal trainer Spokane said...

it`s been two weeks how are you injoying your stay,I hope everything is going well.


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