Sunday, August 17, 2008


Our first day in Quito was amazing. We hardly slept on the flight to Ecuador, but the beautiful and vibrant city immediately lifted our spirits. We spent most of the day touring the city with Marcos and his family. These photographs represent a small portion of what we saw.

Plaza de la Independencia.

Iglesia San Francisco is the first church constructed by the Spaniards in colonial Ecuador. The interior is bedecked with golden images reminiscent of Ecuador's indigenous cultures.

Marcos took us to Restaurante Pim's, which has a magnificent view of the whole city. He spoiled us beyond anything we could possibly deserve.

Marcos and his wife.

Rhonda and I on Cerro Panecillo.

Kites on Cerro Panecillo.

Street scene in Quito. The old colonial city is filled with beautiful architecture.

Rhonda at Casa Sol, Marcos' hostel. If any of you choose to go to Ecuador, you should stay here. It is beautiful.

One of our first views of the city from the plane.

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