Saturday, August 30, 2008


Here I am wearing my grandfather's wardance regalia.

I'm holding my grandfather's picture. My uncle Richard is standing to my right. Father Connolly is standing to my left. Father Connolly was a good personal friend of my grandfather.

We made our first round on the dance floor. Pat Moses, Richard Eli, Barry Moses, and Father Thomas Connolly, SJ.

My uncle Pat announced the ceremony.

Standing with my uncle Richard after the ceremony.

My uncle Richard Eli gave me his wardance regalia, which he had received from my grandfather Gibson Eli. The regalia is more than 60 years old and required extensive restoration. He transfered the regalia to me in a public ceremony held today during the powwow on the Spokane Indian Reservation. It is a deep honor for me to bear this responsibility. I'm thankful to all my family and friends who supported me in this important new step.

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Interesting photo series, interesrting blogging!


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