Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Our upcoming Ecuador trip is finally starting to feel REAL.

Rhonda and I went down to the Spokane Regional Health District this afternoon to update my travel vaccinations. I got injections for typhoid and yellow fever. Later, I will start a series of antibiotics to prevent malaria.

My wife is petrified of needles, and her fear is starting to affect me. Shots don't usually bother me, but today I laughed nervously through the whole appointment. I did manage to relax, however. The nurse had a very no-nonsense manner, and when she injected me, she moved so quickly I hardly even felt a prick. When I realized it had already ended, I looked up with a feeling of relief and said to the nurse, "Has anyone told you today they love you? Well I love you! Thanks for making this so painless."

The nurse had looked very serious throughout the appointment, but when I said I loved her, she laughed out loud and said she would have to start a journal just to record the event.

After the appointment, we went outside and Rhonda took a picture of me making a face. Of course, this is only for dramatic effect. It doesn't hurt at all, but I do feel slightly ill. We'll see how I feel tonight at work.

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