Sunday, July 12, 2009


One of the big disappointments of our high school reunion was the music. The DJ was a young kid who apparently forgot to consider his audience. While he jammed out to the current rap hits, those of us who wanted 80s music stood around looking bored. You would think a DJ would come prepared with the requested music, but not in this case.

We finally complained enough and got a few good 80s tunes, but even most of those were re-mixed versions rather than the originals.

The night was finally redeemed when our classmates voted for the best dancers of the reunion. Tim Tyvan and I tied for second place (I believe Jason Zerba won first). To break the tie, Tim challenged me to a dance-off. I was embarrassed as hell, but I couldn't just walk away. I spent too many high school days shrinking into the shadows and playing small rather than living for the moment. In the end, I think Tim was funnier than me, but I gave him a run for his money. He claims that I won, and I claim that he won. In either case, we made the memory of a decade.


Oklahoma Girl said...

LOVE it!! These are great shots. Looks like a good time was had by all. I am so glad you went to the reunion. Who knows, I might try one one of these days. LOL

I've been following your posts, but as you know, not commenting. I was saddened by your Uncle's Journey to the Other Side, but blessed in knowing that his Spirit is soaring free, unencumbered by the trials of this life. I was transported by your photos of your trip to see Rhonda's family. Saddened by her Mother's need to be hospitalized & overjoyed that all was well. I am so honored to be able to call you friend-a new member of my Tribe.
Hugs & much love to you, Rhonda & your family. Know you are always in my heart & thoughts. Good vibes from the Universe coming your way.

blessed be...

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Thaks Donis. As always, I appreciate your friendship and support.

Krystal said...

LOL! That's great!!!! I didn't go to my 20th, by at the 10th I won the Limbo contest...five months pregnant!

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

That's hilarious Krystal! I would love to have seen that.


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