Sunday, July 12, 2009

High School Friends

Carrie James and I attended many high school dances together. We went to prom, and after she went away to Pacific Lutheran University, I drove to Seattle and attended her college homecoming dance. (No, I will not post our prom picture online).

David Ohler brings light into the old high school auditorium/theater.

This was the one place at school that changed the least during the recent renovations. In fact, this was my favorite part of the tour; it brought back memories of school plays we did back in the day, such as Bye Bye Birdie, the Mousetrap, and others.

Michaelle Barber returned from Colorado to attend our reunion. I forgot how much fun she is to have around; she's hilarious.

Brook Strang, David Ohler, Venus Delcambre, Carrie James, Kim Ostendorf, Shannon Ziudema, Linda Busch, and me.

John Leppert and I attended the LDS high school seminary back in the day.

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Jennifer said...

Oh, I love me some 80s h.s. reunion pictures!!


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