Sunday, July 12, 2009


The old smoke stack is visible through the new addition windows.

The attendees view a wall commemorating Rogers alumni.

During my teenage years, I attended Rogers High School in northeast Spokane and graduated with the Class of '89. This year we held our 20 year class reunion.

This morning, a few of us gathered in the newly renovated school building for a tour. The old facade of the building remains the same, along with the old smoke stack, but almost everything else changed. A massive addition dominates the new design and features towering steel beams and modern plate glass. It was difficult to feel nostalgic or sentimental when nothing looked, felt, or even smelled the same.

My grandmother atteded Rogers in the 1940s, and both my parents graduated from Rogers, my father in 1968, and my mother in 1970. None of them would recognize their high school today.

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