Sunday, January 17, 2010


In the interest of increasing positive "margin" in my life, I wish to continue blogging about our trip to Guasave. This is not because I feel any obligation to update my readers, or share experiences with distant family members, although I'm sure to achieve both. Rather, I wish to share for the sake of sharing, because I love to write and post photographs from our travels.

In that spirit....

The Monday of the Guasave portion of our trip, we had planned to borrow a car and drive to the beach at Las Glorias. I had spoken of this place for years, and of all the exciting times I spent in the bath warm waters and exotic sand dunes. As a result, my children were convinced by my description that they would also love Las Glorias. We even found a discount store in town where we bought buckets and toys for building sand castles and playing in the water.

On Monday morning, my friend called to say that she had "very bad news." Some unexpected conflict had arisen at her husband's business that required them to use the car for a different purpose. We would not be able to borrow the car as planned. She was very apologetic, but something in my heart said that I should accept the change of plans with a smile.

We would have to see las Glorias some other year, and that was okay.

My family decided to use the day for shopping instead. The downtown district of the city is relatively small, so we were able to walk everywhere with ease. The kids found some nice clothes and I got to remind myself of the places I had forgotten, like the photograph above taken near the Guasave Market.

After the first hour of shopping, a huge bank of clouds rolled in from the west and began dumping an unseasonably cold rain onto the city. In fact, December usually falls in the dry season, but the rain drizzled for hours, well past sunset and into the early hours of the morning. I had never seen anything like this in Guasave. Usually it rains in the hot summer months, but even then it falls in one violent downpour and ends. The ongoing, freezing drizzle felt almost eerie and misplaced.

When we returned to our hotel, we felt thankful that we did not go to the beach that day. We would have been absolutely cold and miserable.

This is another street in Guasave. The little white cloud at the top of the photograph is the tip of the rainstorm that soon followed.

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