Monday, January 18, 2010

My Children

Of course, the best part of our trip to Guasave was that my wife and children got to see all the places I knew as a youth, and to meet the people who befriended me. It was important for me that they got to see this part of my personal history.

The kids found a shoe shine chair outside the hotel and insisted on posing for these funny pictures. It was kind of cute how they much they loved seeing that chair.


Jennifer said...

beautiful, beautiful family, barry! Sorry I've been so scarce. I've been reading blogs through Google Reader lately and it makes leaving comments a little more cumberson. But, I do read you often!!

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Hi Jen.... I'm also sorry to be so scarce. Life is hectic, and I'm sad to say that blogging has fallen to the back burner. Maybe that will change sometime soon.

Anyway, I check in with you from time to time also. I loved your recent piece about improving our blogs, though I have to admit I may never become the kind of blog you mention. My primary audience continues to be my family, so I'll just continue with all my wonderful randomness.


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