Friday, October 29, 2010


A motivational speaker recently asked an audience to list five things that nourish the soul. I sat for a moment and reflected on my personal list. This is what I wrote:

1) Hiking and spending time outdoors.
2) Collecting indigenous plants.
3) Going out with my wife and kids.
4) Taking digital photography.
5) Visiting the sweat lodge.

After we made our lists, the speaker asked us to check each activity that we actually did within the last seven days. She suggested that people who fail to make time to complete at least two items each week from their personal nourishment list run a higher risk of burnout. Given her analysis, I'm happy to report that I checked all five items on my list. This particular photograph represents three out of five possible activities: I spent time outdoors while collecting this Oregon grape on my digital camera.

What is on your nourishment list?

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