Monday, December 06, 2010


Speaking of trees, our neighborhood park suffered a major loss. After the county stopped watering the grass, some of the trees turned brown and died. Ponderosa pine are natural to the area; I woundn't expect them to suffer, but they withered anyway. I can only imagine that their root system did not fully develop because of the park sprinkler system.

Just the other day, the county removed many of the trees. When I first saw the devastation, I literally gasped out loud. And when I took a moment to walk around the park, I felt like crying. I always loved this place. We've had birthdays, barbeques, and family reunions in that park. Now everything has changed for the worse.

Maybe there's a metaphor hidden in this situation. Sometimes comfort deprives us of the opportunity to strengthen our roots.

I'm sad to see the loss of trees in our neighborhood.

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