Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grandma's Funeral

Funeral services commenced for "Grandma Great" Uella Merchant just as a winter storm dropped about a foot of snow on the Spokane area. Extended family members braved the weather to pay their final respects, but only a handful of others arrived. Blizzard warnings in some of the outlying  areas no doubt kept people at home.

But spirits were good at the service. Just about everyone agreed that grandma must have "ordered" the snow as part of her final goodbye. Several people recalled seeing her sledding all on her own well into her old age. In many ways, she was a kid at heart and certainly loved the snow.

It is sad to see her go, but she was 94 years old and lived a happy, full life.

Bailey, Brindy, Lanith, and Glenda at the casket.

Dakota and Mike at the graveside.

Linda at the graveside.

Ron stood to speak at the family dinner.

Standing: Stacy, Lyndal, and Rhonda.
Sitting: Chris, Mike, Paul, and Ron.

Glenda and her children; Mike, Rhonda, and Paul.

Ron with his children: Mike, Paul, and Rhonda.

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