Sunday, February 27, 2011


During yesterday's performance of Music Man, I recorded a low-quality sample of the song and dance: Shipoopi. CYT asked me to post a short video as a way to generate interest in the show. Tickets are still available.

You can see future performance dates and purchase tickets online by clicking HERE.

In this scene, Jacob Sok plays the part of Marcellus Washburn. He sings the opening lines of the song:

Well, the woman who'll kiss on the very first date
is usually a hussy.
And a woman who'll kiss on the second time out
is anything but fussy.
But a woman who waits 'til the third time around,
head in the clouds, feet on the ground!
She's the girl he's glad he's found-
She's his shipoopi.

After the show, I told Jacob his performance was 'adequate,' but I lied. Well, actually it was kind of a joke to help him keep a little humility. In all honesty, I loved his performance - I always do. And they always give him the best lines. Don't tell Jacob, but he's one of my favorite actors in all of CYT Spokane.

By the way, two of my children as dancers in this video. When everyone dances, look for Dakota toward the left side of the screen wearing the red quartet blazer. Whitney is one of the two little girls on the front row, right side. She's wearing a light blue dress with a blue bow in her hair.

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