Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hog Canyon

My friend Adam Brown introduced me to a wonderful new hiking trail in a place called Hog Canyon. To get there, we drove west on Interstate 90, away from Spokane, and took the Fishtrap Exit. In fact, Hog Canyon is part of the Fishtrap Recreation Area.

An impressive waterfall is the highlight of the hike.   

We parked at the trail head and then followed the main foot path around a bend and over a hill. A few scattered pine trees stand watch over the entrance to the canyon.  

The falls drain into Hog Lake.

The water from the falls passes under a plain formed by pieces of loose basalt, making the river temporarily invisible. In a few places, you can actually see the water flowing under the rocks, like in this place where someone removed part of the basalt to expose the subterranean river. The river becomes visible again when it reaches the lake.

The falls are completely accessible by foot. We easily climbed the hillside and reached the top of the waterfall.

Above the waterfall...

As we returned to the car, the sun began to set.

An abandoned farm house near the highway...

A salmon shaped cloud in the evening sky...

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