Friday, April 22, 2011


Kate is one of my co-workers (on the left; Pamm is on the right). She arrived in my classroom the other night with several hand-made marionettes. It was certainly an unexpected thing, especially in a college setting, but she told a fascinating story about seeing these animals in a dream. She decided to honor her vision by creating these marionettes using wool and a felting process.

Her sharing inspired me for a couple reasons.

First, Kate honored her vision by making something tangible. I was always taught by my elders respect my dreams, especially if they tell me to make something or to perform a specific task. I can't say that I always follow their advice, so Kate gave me a welcome reminder of my cultural teachings. 

Second, it seems we rarely take the time to share with our co-workers in meaningful ways. So often, we maintain our professional face and forget the potential for real human connection. Kate shared her vision with us, and in the process, she created a greater sense of community in our workplace.  

Eagle Woman.

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