Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Spring break has proved somewhat less eventful than planned. We had originally hoped to make a trip to Ainsworth Hot Springs in British Columbia, but travel expenses would have been too much for our limited budget. Instead we stayed close to home and enjoyed the restful time away from normal responsibilities.

One day this week, I took a long overdue hike to the Little Spokane River and observed the spring flooding over the meadow.

Another day, Rhonda, Dakota, and I took a drive outside Cheney and happened upon a young moose with its hind leg tangled in a barbed wire fence. We called the folks at wildlife, but then the homeowner came outside and cut the wire. The poor moose lay in shock for some time, and then finally ran away to freedom.

Dakota and Mariah took a short trip to outer space and returned safely back to earth.

I can't remember the name of the place on I-90 that sells statues and over sized lawn ornaments. We stopped for a short visit, but the cold weather chased us away. The snow started blowing just a short while later.

Gargoyles and fairies...

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