Monday, August 27, 2012

El Cementerio

On Sunday afternoon in Colomba, our two families started out to visit the cemetery, but we turned back because of a torrential rain. In the photograph below, Dakota is drenched from the downpour. 

A while later, the rain stopped and we all decided to make a second attempt to visit the cemetery. Along the way, we saw this old swimming pool that had been converted into a makeshift soccer field. 

The two photographs above show a couple different scenes of Colomba with the rain clouds making a second return for the day. 

We finally arrived to pay respect 
at the grave of my dear friend Arnoldo Castillo. 

We had just arrived to put flowers on the grave, when I heard Emilia shout, "¡Aquí viene el agua!" (Here comes the water!) The sound of rain approached like a wave without warning. Everyone ran and took shelter in a nearby chapel. 

The rain was visible from the window. 

Dakota in the chapel window. 

The rain eventually calmed 
and Yanet placed flowers on the grave. 

Emilia and her husband. 

The mist and the rain over the hills of Colomba. 

A view of the cemetery chapel. 

The Castillo grandchildren playing in the chapel. 

Dakota with the grandchildren. 

Emilia and Yanet. 

At the end, the rain threatened to fall a third time, so David ran home and brought the truck. The while group of us piled into the back of the truck and rode home. 

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