Friday, March 01, 2013

Hippie Fashion

The IEL Fashion Show is an educational and charitable event designed to support student success in the workplace. Faculty members model how not to dress during a job interview, while students model effective interview attire. In any case, all models walk the runway in true fashion-show style. At the end of the event, students are allowed to "shop" for free interview clothes that have been donated by the community. This is a super fun, worthwhile event. 

For my part, I dressed as a hippie, complete with a buckskin, beaded jacket with fringe, a tie-dye bandanna, and a silver peace medallion. This is one of the few professional events that allow me to free my hair.

One of my students asked me after the show, "Were you a hippie in real life? You seemed like a natural." I answered that I was a child in the 70s, so maybe that served as my source of inspiration. 

I was so cool that the SCC Bigfoot mascot asked to pose with me for a picture! LOL. 


In honor of my temporary hippie fashion, I shaved my face in foo-manchoo style. Unfortunately, my beard was not dark enough, but I was able to darken it with mascara. Funny thing was that more than a few students complimented my "new look" and suggested that I actually keep the foo-manchoo. "No thanks!" I said. No hesitation there!

What a great event! I had a blast being a hippie for a day. 

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