Sunday, March 31, 2013


Spring break did not match for Rhonda and me, so I took my daughters on a short trip to southern British Columbia while she finished school work. Our first stop was the Spirit Ridge in Osoyoos, which is a tribal-owned, luxury resort on the edge of town. We stayed the night in a two-bedroom suite with a full kitchen, a gas fireplace, and a balcony with an awesome view. The girls especially enjoyed a night swim in the heated pool, while I enjoyed the steam room. 

In particular, I appreciated the indigenous influence, like the signs written in Salish. 

After leaving the resort, we took the opportunity to view Spotted Lake from the highway. Spotted Lake derives its name from mineral deposits that mark the surface. It is considered a sacred site by the local tribes and is restricted to non-Natives. 

We did not actually approach the lake during our visit, but we did appreciate its beauty from a distance. 

Our friend Shelly brought us to visit a tribal elder who told traditional stories in the Salish language. Afterwards, he brought us to see some of the sites associated with the stories. From time to time, he stopped along the roadside to offer spontaneous lessons in traditional medicine. 

We also stopped to see pictographs. 

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