Monday, November 25, 2013

A Thousand Buddhas

My daughter and I also visited the Garden of a Thousand Buddhas near Arlee, Montana. It was a beautiful sunny day when we arrived, which only added to the magnificence of seeing hundreds of white Buddha statues lined one after the other. 

During our visit, my daughter asked the golden question: "What is Buddhism?" I told her the story of Siddartha Gautama and how he found enlightenment. I am not Buddhist, but I admire the Buddha and his philosophy of compassion and non-attachment. I especially appreciate the opportunity to experience different religions and cultures with my children. 

The garden is shaped like a wheel with spokes radiating from a center point. The outer perimeter was lined with tiny stupas, each with its own miniature Buddha inside. 

The center point is a golden statue of the Buddha sitting under a cover. 

A golden Buddha. 

The "spokes" of the wheel emanating from the center. 

Does anyone know what this says? 

Prayer flag mark the entrance to the garden. 

Offerings outside the garden. 

A small place for offerings. Well, I don't actually know if this structure was intended for offerings, but people are using it in that way. 

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